Griechische Kommunisten solidarisch mit Immigranten

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Auf dem traditionellen grossen Volksfest in Patissia hat die Vorsitzende der KKE, Aleka Papariga, in ihrer Rede die Haltung der Kommunisten zur Immigration klargestellt. Im Gegensatz zu allen anderen Parteien sind die griechischen Kommunisten slidarisch mit den Immigranten. Papariga warnte davor, dass die Stiefelfaschisten ein allgemeines Klima der Gesetzlosigkeit und Gewalt schaffen wollen. Die brutale Verfolgung von Ausländern sei nur der Einstieg in solche Verhältnisse, die schliesslich alle treffen würden. Bei der bürgerlichen Rechten gibt es verdeckte oder offene Sympathie für den faschistischen Rassismus, und auch SYRIZA verhält sich "kleinlaut" und tritt nicht offensiv gegen fremdenfeindliche Stimmungen auf, um sich nicht die Sympathien verhetzter Kleinbürger zu verscherzen.


Hier Auszüge aus Paparigas Rede in englischer Übersetzung:


Common struggle against class injustice and war

The political and cultural event for Greek and foreign workers was successfully held on Friday in the Fix park in Patissia organized by the Attica Party organization of the KKE. Many people came to listen carefully to the speech of the GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, who outlined the party’s policy on immigration, by proposing specific relief measures, calling for an anti-imperialist anti-capitalist struggle against the EU one-way street and the forces that support it. More specifically the GS of the CC of the KKE mentioned amongst other things in her speech the following:

“For us above all deep red blood flows in the veins of every people (…) we do not ignore the problems, we do not idealize or prettify the situation, nor do we have the right to bury our heads in the sand. It is a problem that exists. But before we touch on this serious issue once again, we must clarify the basic fundamental question, that we reject racism, xenophobia, and nationalism. We reject every policy and practice which “divides and rules”, every act which leads to the fostering of hostility between the peoples. (…) The immigrants are the victims of capitalism, imperialist war, state violence and repression, and cruel exploitation. Consequently for us the issue is to defend as mush as possible- whether we have a crisis or not- the interests of Greeks and immigrants, to unite them in a common struggle against class injustice and war.

All the capitalist countries in Europe opened their doors to the immigrants, precisely in order to increase their profits; they used them to reduce the value of labour power even further. But they open and close the doors according to the circumstances. The EU wants controlled immigration, as the capitalist crisis has increased the reserve army of the unemployed and the salaries of local workers have been dramatically reduced. But controlled immigration without violence and repression and without the increase of illegal immigration cannot exist. We clarify that our positions are being brought up to date based on the developments, and we do not change them for electoral purposes. The other parties ND and PASOK did change their policies talking about concentration camps and threats against the immigrants so that they would not lose votes to the fascist and racist Golden Dawn, as did SYRIZA which watered down its positive demands to get votes. This is what they all do. To begin with we posed the issue, during the discussion of the programmatic statements that the government and the judiciary should intervene against Golden Dawn which uses verbal and physical violence against immigrants. We must not accept the role of Golden Dawn in repressing the immigrants. We are clear about this. Because we underline the following: At this moment they are trying out murderous attacks against the immigrants, they will extend this practice in the future against Greek militants. Have no doubt. They are using the immigrants as training. They will be transformed into a para-state mechanism, which will be tolerated by the people. This is their goal!
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