Libyen: Uranmunition, Verluste der NATO, Solidarität USamerikanischer Bürger

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Einträge bei Leonor en Libia, z. T. Englisch, z.T. ins Deutsche übersetzt




Según expertos Helicópteros Apache tienen enorme carga de Uranio Empobrecido en su cañón de 30 mm (TeleSur).
Ya vemos lo que ya hemos comentado muchas veces. la OTAN mata con premeditación a los Libios, destruye libia y no solo esto sino que está envenenando el país para futuras generaciones. Mientras las organizaciones de los derechos humanos miran hacia otra parte, las leyes internacionales no existen.
¿En qué mundo vivimos?. No importa lo que se diga porque los medios están controlados y la información no llega a la gran mayorí esto libertad? A qué estamos jugando? .



Abgereichertes Uran für mehr Opfer

Experten zufolge führen die Apache-Helikopter grosse Mengen abgereichertes Uran für ihre 30-Millimeter-Kanonen mit sich. (TleSur)

Das zeigt, was wir schon viele Male kommentiert haben. Die NATO tötet die Libyer absichtlich, zerstört Libyen, und nicht nur das - sie vergiftet das Land für die kommenden Generationen. Während die Menschenrechtsorganisationen beiseite schauen, existiert das internationale Recht nicht.

In welcher Welt leben wir ? Es ist egal, was man sagt, weil die Medien konrolliert sind und die Information die grosse Mehrheit nicht erreicht ... ist das Freiheit ? Was wird gespielt ?

Pavel informa...

Nuestras informaciones de hoy,4 de junio.

1.La OTAN ha usado helicopteros para atacar Libia.Han atacado 20 metas militares,incluyendo un radar y un puesto del ejercito.

2.Un helicoptero de la OTAN ,dirigiendose a Al Brega,ha sido derribado hoy.En total,esta semana,los libios han derribado 3 helicopteros de la OTAN.



Pavel informiert ...

Unser Informationen von heute, 4. Juni

1. Die NATO hat Helikopter eingesetzt, um Libyen zu attackieren. Angegriffen wurden 20 militärische Ziele, darunter eine Radaranlage und ein Posten der Armee.

2. Ein Helikopter der NATO, der Richtung Al Breda unterwegs war, wurde heute zum Absturz gebracht. Damit haben die Libyer diese Woche insgesamt 3 Helikopter abgeschossen.


USamerikanische Friedenskämpfer in Libyen:



Leonor hat diesen Beitrag verlinkt (Englisch):

Brief an einen Freund: Lizzie Cocker über Libyen 



For those who support the Libyan "Opposition"02.06.2011 19:53

<!--[if !vml]-->For those who support the Libyan <!--[endif]-->Maybe those who refuse to call the Libyan Opposition terrorists and instead continue to accuse the forces of the Libyan Government of attacking innocent civilians - see the photos accompanying this piece - could answer some of the questions posed in this article. If not, then maybe they could ask themselves why they are supporting Islamist terrorists.

Under which United Nations resolution did NATO get the right to murder civilians? Why did NATO murder Colonel Gaddafi's son if their remit was to impose a no-fly zone to protect civilians? Why did NATO murder three of Colonel Gaddafi's grandchildren? Why has there been no accountability for the murder of innocent children? Why is nobody calling Cameron, Sarkozy or Obama a cold-blooded child murderer?

Why is NATO trying to murder Colonel Gaddafi? Why have the leaders of this act of butchery changed their tune, starting off by declaring that "This is not about removing Gaddafi" (Cameron) to now describing him as a legitimate target? Why is NATO targeting civilian structures, as it did in Iraq, with military hardware? <!--[if !vml]-->For those who support the Libyan <!--[endif]-->

Why did the Libyan "Revolution" start on the frontiers where Revolutions had already occurred in Tunisia and Egypt and in Misrata where NATO military personnel deployed through the port? Why are NATO personnel on the ground when NATO is not allowed to deploy troops? Why are western mercenaries being deployed inside Libya?

Why is NATO taking sides in a civil war? Does NATO not know that it is illegal to get involved in an internal conflict? Does NATO know that the UNO cannot under any circumstances permit the use of force against a sovereign nation unless it is attacking its neighbours? Why has NATO accused the Libyan government of using cluster bombs against its own population when:

Why are 90% of the Libyan tribes on the side of Colonel Gaddafi? Why are the Benghazi based terrorists called "The Rats" by the population of Libya? Why are they for the most part anonymous? Why did they ask NATO to bomb the building where the records of their corruption were kept?

<!--[if !vml]-->For those who support the Libyan <!--[endif]-->What is the role of Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi inside the rebellion? Does NATO know he has links to Al-Qaeda? Does NATO know he was arrested for fighting alongside Al-Qaeda against the American and British forces in Afghanistan? Does NATO know that he recruited terrorists to be suicide bombers in Iraq? Does NATO know where most of the suicide bombers in Iraq came from? Answer: Benghazi.

Why are French lawyers preparing to launch a case against Sarkozy for crimes against humanity?

Who was the first international leader to issue an arrest warrant for Osama bin laden and Al-Qaeda? Answer: Muammar al-Qathafi. Who was the African leader who financed African satellites so that Africans would not be saddled with a payment of 500 million USD a year, every year, to use Western satellites? Answer: Muammar al-Qathafi. Who was the African leader behind the African Union so that Africa could find the solutions to its problems? Answer: Muammar al-Qathafi.

Who was the African leader who launched an ambitions telemedicine programme benefiting all Africans? Answer: Muammar al-Qathafi. Who was the African leader who implemented a continent-wide e-learning programme? Answer: Muammar al-Qathafi. Who inherited the poorest nation in the world and turned it into the richest in Africa? Answer: Muammar al-Qathafi. <!--[if !vml]-->For those who support the Libyan <!--[endif]-->

Who has educated, fed and housed his people? Have Cameron, Sarkozy or Obama or any of those who support the Islamist terrorists calling themselves the "Rebels" implemented a free housing programme? Why not? If they are superior to Colonel Gaddafi, answer the question. Why do Libyans have housing for free and your citizens do not?

Why has NATO said nothing of the tremendous social programmes Colonel Gaddafi has implemented? Why has NATO said nothing of Colonel Gaddafi's education programme inside Libya? Why has NATO said nothing of Gaddafi's financing of pro-African progressive groups? Ditto cultural groups?

Why all the lies about Gaddafi attacking civilians? Why did the Russian satellites reveal that at the time of the NATO lies about Gaddafi bombing his people, not a single flight was registered? Why when SKY news took Saif al-Islam al-Qathafi to visit a bombed residence did such a residence not exist?

Why doesn't NATO tell the truth, that an armed insurrection was aided and abetted from abroad, that armed terrorists (see the photos) were sent to create havoc in Libya and that the Government forces first tried to negotiate and only then took up arms against them and fought not civilians, but terrorists?

<!--[if !vml]-->For those who support the Libyan <!--[endif]-->Why has NATO not taken up any of the many offers of ceasefire presented by the Libyan government?

This war is illegal. NATO is guilty of war crimes. NATO should disengage now and allow the people of Libya to sort it out for themselves. NATO should be barred from the reconstruction process. NATO should be barred from Africa. The African continent should reconsider its position with those who are raping a son of Africa and sign contracts with the progressive members of the international community.

This entire debacle is about destroying the African Union and implementing AFRICOM - the take-over of Africa and its resources by the USA, and finding new markets for its lobbies. Those who support the Rebels against Colonel Gaddafi have fallen for the trap hook, line and sinker.

Time to launch a diplomatic offensive involving the African Union. NATO out. Libyan solutions for Libyan questions. <!--[if !vml]-->For those who support the Libyan <!--[endif]-->

Photos: Armed bearded islamist terrorists? Why no! Look at them! They are poor innocent unarmed civilians. look at these unarmed civilians - on a tank! Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Pravda.R

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