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Tens of thousands take to the streets in social protests across Israel PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 28 August 2011 14:32

Tens of thousands of Israelis took part in several protests yesterday (Saturday) night, as the social issues movement resumed in force. Rallies were held in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Rishon Lezion, Kiryat Ono, Qalanswa, Wadi 'Ara, the Galilee, Jaffa, Harish and Tiberias.

The social protest, yesterday evening, Ibn Gviron St. Tel-Aviv (Photo: Activestills)

In Tel Aviv, around 20,000 protesters marched from Habima Square to the intersection of Ibn Gvirol and Shaul Hamelech streets, where a rally was held. In Jerusalem, around 3,000 protesters marched to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence. The rally was held under the banner "Protest creates reality, we are building a just society". In Rishon Letzion, around 4,500 people demonstrated. Around 1,000 people took part in a protest near Kibbutz Ma'anit and hundreds the protests in Qalanswa and Wadi 'Ara.

Stav Sapir, one of the leaders of the protest movement, told Channel 2: "There is nothing to be disappointed about. The whole concept of this matter is to go out and do. This is the sixth [Saturday night] that we have taken to the streets and in my view it is a success that people are still coming to do this. Everyone is talking about a million-person march next week. In my view, this is terrific, this is a success."

Ahead of Saturday’s rally, Daphni Leef, the 26-year-old Tel Avivian who launched the movement with a Facebook event in mid-July, said, “After the call of the masses has been completely ignored by the government, we call on the prime minister to reach out, and for the only committee that was chosen by the people – the Knesset – to convene and to take personal responsibility as the governing body selected by the people.” Leef added, in somewhat ominous tones, that if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ignores this demand, “the protest will enter its next step – a show of civil force the likes of which has never been seen in Israel.”





Veröffentlicht in Israel

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