Portugal: Souveränität und zurück zur Nelkenrevolution anstatt "alternative EU"

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" Prestidigitators"


Translated "Avante!" article by Pedro Guerreiro, member of the Central Committee and of the International Department


Before (another) moment during which, by the cruel reality of the facts, the fraud evidence of the divulged “good intentions” of the so-called “European integration”,
beheld, once again and before the crash, the choir of those who only but know how to call upon attention with new and more significant federalist leaps for the European Union, raises.


For these fraud preachers, which unsurprisingly run through the most devoted right-wing unto the current so-called “left-wing Europeans“, if reality “kills”, they cry out “ fleece”. Either, all of them , make efforts to dissimulate this capitalist European integration’s class character and its inseparable economic, institutional or military dimensions.


Those who preach the need of increased federalist “legitimacies” for the European Union institutions and a federal character budget, based on a tax policy and an European Union “finance ministry”, seek but deceive Portugal ‘s economic situation true causes ( and together the great EU powers’ “periphery” countries).

Therefore, such preachers seek to avoid the achievement of consciousness, which, only with the full assertion and the exercise of national sovereignty by the Portuguese people, the Country will be free from the authentic shackles which represent, both for its economic development and the improvement of the workers’ and the people’s lives, the rules, the conditionings and the European capitalist great powers’ financial capital dominion, which carry, within this capitalist, federalist and military European Union its best power instrument.

Contrarily of what one is to believe, in order to accept its increment exploitation and pillage policy throughout the Country, the question placed before the Portuguese workers and people is not a choice between the more or less dollar or Euro domain, within the framework of rivalries / and the intra - imperialist agreement, that is, the USA or Germany, a (false) choice in which Portugal will always be a looser.


Within the European Union, the real question presented before the Portuguese workers and people is the need to open up a rupture path with the great financial and economic groups and the great capitalist powers - which detain, in Portugal, the PS, PSD and CDS -PP active and subservient participation, and the taking amid their hands the achieving of great political, economic, social and cultural changes, for which, it is a necessary condition, the assertion and defence of sovereignty and national independence.

As proved by our recent history, the Portuguese people’s greatest contribution for a Europe of cooperation, economic and social progress, peace and friendship with all peoples of the world , is the reintroducing and settling of the democratic development project, initiated with the April Revolution.


As a conclusion and answering the right-wing devotees and currently the so-called “left-wing Europeans”, and as a renewed alert to all patriots / progressives, the greatest contradiction and the EU’s non-democratic character have their root in a project, which, by centralizing power within supranational institutions, under the domain of the great powers, with policies which serve but the interests of the great economic groups, is in open conflict with the workers’ interests and needs and the peoples’ sovereignty of the different countries which belong to it


As Lenin correctly synthesized: ” From imperialism’s economic conditions point of view, that is, from the exporting of capitals and the world’s partition by the colonial “advanced” and “civilized” powers, the United States of Europe, under capitalism, are either unthinkable, or reactionary” (1).


(1) in “ Under the United States of Europe Word of Order”, Lenin.

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