Solidarität mit Sean Garland

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Eine Erklärung der griechischen KP:


Solidarity to cde Sean Garland

Statement of the KKE

The KKE denounces the provocative political persecution of the historic leader of the Workers’ Party of Ireland , Sean Garland, who is again being dragged to the courts, as has been the case for many years, on entirely baseless and trumped up charges. The new trial which is now being held in the Dublin courts demonstrates the persistence of the USA to extradite cde Garland to the USA in the name of the “communist plot to undermine the American Dollar” despite the fact that the broad solidarity movement which has developed all over the world has demolished in practice the unfounded accusations of the imperialists. Cde Garland has been morally and practically vindicated whatever machinations might be used by the Obama government and the Irish authorities.

The persecution of Sean Garland is contrary to democratic rights and freedoms and we demand that the political persecution against him cease immediately. All the political manoeuvres against him must end and his groundless extradition to the USA must be blocked.

International Section of the CC

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