Statement der Kommunistischen Partei Frankreichs zum Ausgang der Parlamentswahlen

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Elections in France: Statement by Pierre Laurent, National secretary of the PCF


First estimates tonight confirm the swinging of the National Assembly on the left. Sarkozysm page in France is fully closed but the party of former president saves a substantial number of seats. There is no doubt that the right will use all tools to obstruct the change in our country. The entrance to the FN in the chamber remains thankfully limited, but it is an additional warning signal.

The Socialist Party succeeds in its objective to obtain an absolute majority. The Front de gauche will have less MPs, despite a gain in number of votes and percentage, but tonight seem ripe for the formation of a group in the Assembly. If confirmed, this is good news for democracy.

It is clear, however, that the voting system and the inversion of the electoral calendar misrepresent the importance of parliamentary elections and deform the landscape of the National Assembly in favor of bipartism. The legislative majority is thus distorted compared to the reality of the political left in the country. The PS represents 65% of the votes of the all left people in the presidential election, nearly 70% with its allies in the legislative, and gets over 90% of left MPs. The Front de gauche represents 25% of the votes of the left people in the presidential and 15% for the legislatives elections, but gets less than 5% of the left MPs. It is an anomaly caused by an implacable institutional logic that allowed the two largest formations monopolize 90% of seats in the National Assembly.

Despite this injustice, the Front de gauche with its influence in the country, with its 2 groups in Parliament, local elected and MEPs, aims to be a force of active initiatives, positive proposals and successful change in our country.


Pierre Laurent, National secretary of the PCF


Paris, June 17, 2012





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