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Das syrische Regime scheint ählich isoliert zu sein wie das libysche. Höchstens noch dreihundert Anhänger, wie im Fall Gaddafis auch, und noch die sind zerstritten ... Nun, so wörtlich werden die Lügen über Libyen im syrischen Fall nicht wiederholt. Aber das Format der westlichen Propaganda folgt ganz dem selben Schema. Man ist noch nicht in der Bombardierungsphase, und das ist im Fall Syrien auch nicht ganz so einfach wie in Libyen.



SANA Correspondents: Millions of Syrian Citizens Flock to Public Squares in Support of the Comprehensive Reform Program under Leadership of President Bashar al-Assad


Jun 21, 2011


SYRIAN GOVERNORATES, (SANA)-The Public Squares and main streets in the Syrian Governorates were filled with huge masses in support of the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad. Millions of the Syrian citizens, representing all spectrums of the Syrian people, early morning flocked to the main squares at the main cities carrying national flags and banners and chanting slogans in support for Syria and its national unity.


Millions of the Syrian citizens gathered in the public squares in support of the comprehensive reform program under the Leadership of President Bashar al-Assad. More than million citizens flocked to the Umayyad Square from Damascus city and its Countryside and Quneitra in support of the comprehensive reform under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.


"Huge masses in the Governorates of Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Sweida, Lattakia, Daraa, Hasaka, Tartous, Deir Ezzor, Raqaa and Idleb are flocking to the public squares in support of the reform process under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad," SANA Correspondents said.













President al-Assad's Speech Receives Wide Attention on Arab and International Levels

Arab and International newspapers published on Tuesday underlined that President al-Assad's speech expressed the Syrian people's desire and aspiration for reform and it has drawn the headlines for the next stage of the national dialogue.

speech expressed the Syrian people's desire and aspiration for reform and it has drawn the headlines for the next stage of the national dialogue.

In the Lebanese As-Safir Newspaper, writer and journalist Suleiman Taqi-Eddin underlined that President al-Assad's speech paved the way for Syria's future and opened the door wide for reform for all the Syrians.

For his part, Journalist Sami Kleib wrote also for As-Safir saying that the strong state is the one which carries out reform and not the foreign pressures.

Reviewing the most prominent points in President al-Assad's speech, Kleib saw that the speech holds two important headlines: the security firmness and the reform determination.

Lebanese al-Binaa Newspaper said that President al-Assad's speech has constituted a massive road map for the next stage, and set prominent headlines for the situation Syria has witnessed so far, which means that the stage after the speech is different from the stage prior to it.

Zena al-Khouri said in an article published in al Diyar Lebanese Newspaper that President al-Assad chose Damascus University to present his reform plan and to explain to the world the hugeness of the foreign-backed conspiracy hatched against Syria.

She pointed out that President al-Assad presented a reform package that would move the country to a new era.

Jordanian Alarabalyawm Newspaper said that President al-Assad put things on their right track with regard to accomplishing people's demands for reform through adopting particular mechanisms based on a comprehensive national dialogue.

Al Rai Kuwaiti Newspaper described president al-Assad's speech as positive, pointing out that the President focused on the need for fortifying and strengthening the local situation to maintain security and stability in the country and to confront the constant conspiracies targeting Syria.

In Tehran, Kayhan al-Arabi Newspaper published an article under the title of "President al-Assad and Motherland and Originality Speech" saying that President al-Assad declared his strategic priorities in the framework of launching basic and fundamental reforms.

The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Committee for Solidarity with Syria said that he read the speech of President al-Assad precisely as many righteous ideas drew his attention, particularly those related to the necessity of reform process which is being translated on the ground.

"When one watch what is being broadcast by some media, he/she realizes that there is an organized fierce campaign launched against Syria …there is wide media misleading that intervenes the rights of the Syrian citizens and those who are interested in the Syrian situation to get realistic information about what is happening in Syria" he said, indicating that Russia will not allow the adoption of any resolution against Syria by the UN Security Council.

On his part, Chairman of the Russian Society for Friendship and Cooperation with Arab Countries, Vyacheslav Matuzov, said that President al-Assad's speech focused on urgent issues according to Syria, and the President conveyed a clear and honest image about what is happening on the ground.

Matuzov stressed that the speech indicates confidence in Syria's ability to get out of the crisis and that it will remain steadfast in its stances and its defense of the Arab and Syrian people's interests and rights.

Former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud said that President al-Assad's speech presented a precise description to the situation in Syria including the armed attack on the people, the army and the military forces, the killing of the civilians, destroying public and private properties and intimidating the residents by armed gangs to undermine Syria's stability.

In a statement issued by Lahoud's media office, the Lebanese President pointed out to the hasty reactions on President al-Assad's qualitative speech by Israel's apparatus and supporters refer that they are determined to hatch gory conspiracy against Syria, yet they will not succeed in that.

Lebanese State Minister, Ali Qanso said that president al-Assad's speech shows his keenness on his country's unity and stability, pointing out that the USA is trying through these events to exert pressure on Syria for its pivotal role in the region.

Member of Al Wafaa Resistance Bloc, Lebanese MP Kamel Ar Rifai said that President al-Assad's speech reflects his relief over the internal situation in Syria based on linking the crisis with foreign agendas and sabotage groups.

For his part, Chairman of the Lebanese Democratic Party, MP Talal Areslan, said that President al-Assad proves everyday that he can make the crisis a basis for resistance, stressing that the Syrian people stand by their President against the sinister plots.

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