Tagung des Zentralkomitees der koreanischen Partei der Arbeit

Veröffentlicht auf von Sepp Aigner

Einige Kernsätze aus dem Bericht über die Tagung bei der nordkoreanischen Nachrichtenagentur (englischer Text):


"The nuclear weapons of Songun Korea are not goods for getting U.S. dollars and they are neither a political bargaining chip nor a thing for economic dealings to be presented to the place of dialogue or be put on the table of negotiations aimed at forcing the DPRK to disarm itself."


"Only when the nuclear shield for self-defence is held fast, will it be possible to shatter the U.S. imperialists' ambition for annexing the Korean Peninsula by force and making the Korean people modern slaves ..."


"The pilot fields of the national economy, the basic industrial fields should be drastically developed and production be increased to the maximum. Forces should be directed to agriculture and light industry, key fields in building an economic power to improve and put on a stable basis the people's living standard at the earliest possible date."



Spurs should be given to the development of space science and technology and more advanced satellites including communications satellites be developed and launched.
The country's economy should be shifted into knowledge-based economy and the foreign trade be made multilateral and diversified and investment be widely introduced."


"As a responsible nuclear weapons state, the DPRK will make positive efforts to prevent the nuclear proliferation, ensure peace and security in Asia and the rest of the world and realize the denuclearization of the world."


(Hervorhebungen nicht im Original)

Quelle: http://www.kcna.co.jp/index-e.htm

Veröffentlicht in Nordkorea

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