Aisha Gaddafi - ein Name, den man sich vielleicht merken muss

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Libya: Message From Aisha Qadhafi
Posted: 2011/09/06
From: Mathaba
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"I carry the blood of a heroic father in my veins and I have never known the idea of surrender"

By Marie Edwards

Message from Aisha Qadafi, September 3, 2011:

"Even if my father and my brothers are martyred, I will continue my fight against Islamic terrorists in Libya.

Soon, I will appear in the media to announce the fight against terrorists and Al-Qaeda in Libya and other countries in the world.

Let the West and their mercenaries take note; Aisha Qadhafi will never surrender to their conspiracy of evil.

I carry the blood of a heroic father in my veins and I have never known the idea of surrender.

NATO and Western assassins killed my husband and my child. But they must know by now that Aisha Qadhafi is a soldier.

Even at the cost of my own life, I will free my country from the clutches of Islamic terrorists and Al Qaeda."

* * * *

Aisha Qadhafi is elegant, well educated; smart enough to cope with any international community. Born in 1976 she has accomplished so much in the international arena, including lately courageously facing the most adverse days of her loving father. Aisha Qadhafi really deserves admiration from everyone, especially women, that she stood up and fought and is still fighting.

Aisha, being trained in the Libyan army, got promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General, which she is holding till date. She has been the goodwill ambassador of the United Nations, philanthropist, humanitarian and a lawyer by profession. She was appointed as the United Nations Development Program National ‎Goodwill Ambassador for Libya on July 24, 2009, primarily to address the issues of HIV/AIDS, poverty and women's rights in Libya, all of which are culturally sensitive topics in the country.

In February 2011 the United Nations stripped Aisha of her role as a goodwill ambassador. She was placed under a travel ban on February 26, 2011, under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1970. This resolution by UNSC as well as her exclusion from being the goodwill ambassador was politically motivated, as the United States and NATO were jointly supporting the rebels in Libya and they were wholeheartedly looking for the ouster of Muammar al-Qadhafi from the leadership in Libya.

Goodwill Ambassador is a collective term sometimes used as a substitute honorific title or a title of honor for an Ambassador of Goodwill; but, most appropriately for a generic recognition, it is a job position or description that is usually indicated following the name of the individual recognized in the position. Goodwill ambassadors generally deliver goodwill or promote ideals from one entity to another, or to a population. Aisha has served as a mediator on behalf of the government with European Union corporations.

In 2000 after sanctions were imposed on Iraq, Aisha Qadhafi arrived in Baghdad with a delegation of 69 officials. Shortly before the invasion of Iraq in 2003, she met with Saddam Hussein.

In 2011, she strongly protested the policies of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. President Barack Obama, calling for a mediation of the Libyan Civil War through an international organization. She vehemently opposed the anti-Saddam offensives of President George W Bush in Iraq and Aisha had been consistently a supporter of Democrats in United States.

After the recently NATO bomb attack on the compound of Muammar al-Qadhafi, Aisha sued NATO over the bombing of a building in Muammar al-Qadhafi's compound that killed her brother, Saif al-Arab Muammar al-Qadhafi, and her own infant daughter among the three grandchildren of her father who were killed. She claims the attack was illegal, as it was a civilian building.

Ms. Qadhafi's lawyers filed the petitions in Brussels and Paris in June 2011. However, on 27 July it was reported that Belgian prosecutors declined to investigate the war crimes complaint filed by al-Qadhafi against NATO [whose headquarters are in Belgium], saying that their country's universal competence law [requiring a connection between the complaint and Belgium] does not apply in the case.

Aisha Qadhafi's husband, Ahmed al-Qadhafi al-Qahsi, whom she married in 2006, was also killed by rebels on 26th July 2011.

When Muammar al-Qadhafi's compound in Libya was occupied by the rebels, Aisha Qadhafi's house also became a target of attack and looting. Personal belongings and valuables of Aisha were looted by the rebels. Some of the rebels drank and danced in the living room in the house and few of them went to her personal bedroom and had sex with a few Nigerian women they brought from Benghazi. At least 90 Nigerian girls were captured from several whorehouses in Benghazi by the rebels, who were later forced to have sex with the Libyan rebels.

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<br /> <br /> Sepp, mir ist nicht ganz klar, was Du mit diesem Aisha-Propaganda-Artikel erreichen willst?<br /> <br /> <br /> Das Gaddhafis Tochter so tüchtig ist, um mit 35 Jahren den Rang eines Generalleutnants in der libyschen Armee zu erlangen, hat sicher nichts mit Papa zu tun?<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> <br /> Es geht, glaube ich, in Sachen Libyen zur Zeit darum, wie sich der Widerstand gegen die NATO-Besetzung - wenn sie denn entgültig gelingt - aufstellen wird - und WER das sein wird. Das werden<br /> vermutlich verschiedene (und zueinander gegensätzliche) Kräfte sein; - Anhänger der "muslimischen Revolution", die sich mehr oder weniger am Iran orientieren und es bisher offenbar für eine gute<br /> Idee hielten, innerhalb der Kräfte des "Übergangsrats" zu agieren, aber mit den dortigen imperialistischen Agenten bald aneienander geraten werden; Clans, die unter Gaddafi gut gefahren sind und<br /> jetzt ihre Stellung gefährdet sehen; Kleinbürger und Bourgeois, die von der Verteilung der Ölrente durch Gaddafi ein relativ auskömmliches Leben hatten; und eben auch Gaddafis Clan und engerer<br /> Anhang, auch Menschen, die von seiner "grünen Revolution" angetan sind.<br /> <br /> <br /> Unter Letzteren könnte Aisha Gaddafi zu einer Führunsgfigur werden. Daraurf wollte ich mit der Spiegelung des Artikels (der ein Propaganda-Artikel ist, da hats Du recht) hinweisen - "ein Name,<br /> denn man sich vielleicht merken muss".<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />